The Crux of Giving

From the so called first gilded age of philanthropy in the late 19th century right up until recently, philanthropists have tended to make their money and then give it away later on in life. You could say that there were two chapters in an individual’s life, the part where they made their money and then, when enough had been accumulated, the part where they started to give it away. Both were separate and, mostly, completely unrelated.

Philanthropists today however are becoming younger than ever before, tending to make their wealth at an earlier age and given it away at the same time. These modern philanthropists also tend to take a more holistic view of their social footprint, by seeing value in the impact that their business activities can have on society and the environment, by linking their companies directly to their philanthropic entities and by looking to manage their assets in a way that supports their vision of a better world.

In short, they recognize that their philanthropy in isolation can never be as successful as when all components of their lives come together.

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