Food Security & Nutrition

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Why Give?

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Around one in four people in sub-Saharan Africa is malnourished and tackling food insecurity is a huge challenge.

Philanthropists, NGOs and Foundations alike are putting a lot of money, resources into supporting agriculture to improve livelihoods. 

Working in most of Nigeria’s 36 states, TechnoServe (Nigeria) partners with a variety of public and private funders in agriculture and enterprise development in order to design and implement market-led interventions in Nigeria to address the country’s development challenges. 

In addition, TechnoServe is working with entrepreneurs to help small retail shops become more profitable and to increase access to clean water through sustainable business models. TechnoServe is also working with food processors to improve compliance with national fortification mandates and increase the availability of nutrients in local markets.

Making Big Bets in Agriculture and Nutrition

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